About System Automation Solutions LLC


Our mission at System Automation Solutions LLC, is to help our customers do what they do best.   All of our customers have their own specialties, and it is usually not testing.  We use automation to streamline our customers testing processes, so they can spend more time working in their strengths.

Our customers are successful when they are able to turn their great ideas into functional products.  Our customers stake their reputation on the quality of their products. The only way to ensure quality products is with a robust testing strategy.   The more thought and planning that goes into the testing strategy, the higher quality of the end product.  Harnessing the power of automation can really boost the power of a testing program.  It can add robustness, increase throughput, provide valuable insights into the design and manufacturing process, eliminate human error, and provide many other benefits.

Unfortunately the effort required to develop and maintain such a rugged testing program is intense.  It can take customers' focus off of developing new products and expanding their businesses.  Our goal at System Automation Solutions LLC is to help our customers develop comprehensive testing strategies and to utilize automation in order to get the most out of their testing.  We want to lower the burden of testing so that our customers can spend their time and energy doing what they do best, focusing on coming up with the next great idea.

From the owner:


My name is Sam Taggart.   I founded System Automation Solutions LLC in order to share with others the expertise that I have gained over the years in designing and building automated systems to solve a variety of challenges.  Our customers are the experts in their field, and I truly believe that their time is best spent innovating within their own field, not developing test systems.  Our goal is to alleviate the burden of testing and allow our customers to spend more time in their strengths, so they can be successful.  Our success is measured by our customer's success.  We are merely facilitators.


After graduating as an undergrad from the University of Pittsburgh in 2007 with a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Sam immediately got a job working for Westinghouse Electric Company at their Science and Technology Center. He worked there for 8 years.  At the end of his 8 years he had become the Lab Owner for the Instrumentation and Control Laboratory.  During that time Sam:

  • Managed resources and served as lead software architect for various projects such as automated circuit board testing, vibration monitoring, motor control systems, environmental testing, and qualification testing. 
  • Managed resources for several upgrades to an existing circuit board testing platform and designed various test fixtures and circuit boards as part of the upgrade.
  • Worked with a fellow CLA to design and architect both a digital flux mapping system (real-time control system), and a distributed asset monitoring system (multiple cRIO chassis).  Together they managed a team of 3-4 developers in multiple locations.  The team utilized a variety of software development tools including Tortoise SVN, BugZilla, and various Agile development methods.
  • Played a key role in organizing a Westinghouse-wide LabVIEW Users group.  Served on the Administrative Committee.  Developed a strategy for code-reuse and distributed re-use code libraries among the Users Group
  • Mentored various other LabVIEW users and provided strategic support for various projects throughout the company.
  • Continued studying at the University of Pittsburgh, where he recieved a Masters in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Controls in 2012. .
  • Became a Certified LabVIEW Architect, and gave a presentation at NIweek 2012.  He is also very active in the LabVIEW community in general, participating in variety of users groups and seminars.

In addition to his work at System Automation Solutions LLC, Sam has been known to teach several classes for the Electrical Engineering Department at Colorado School Mines. In the past he has taught an introductory controls class (Modelling, Laplace, Time Response, PID controls, Bode Plots, Nyquist)  and a class on information systems (basic signal processing, fourier transforms and series, etc.).