Automated Test

Whether it is rugged selfcontained testbox for field testing or a fully featured test station for production testing, System Automation Solutions LLC can design a custom system to meet your specific test needs.   

An automated testing system can provide the following benefits:

  • Repeatable and Accurate Results – By automating the testing process, the human is less involved.  This means that there is less potential for human error.  This means that the correct measurement gets recorded in the correct spot and that all the steps are carried out in the correct order every time.
  • More throughput – An automated test solution can eliminate manually throwing switchs and moving jumpers.  It can also automatically record the results. This results in shorter test time.
  • Faster report generation – An automated test solution can be designed to automatically perform complex calculations and produce a report immediately.  No more waiting for engineering to finish their analysis.
  • Data Mining – Automated test data can be automatically stored in a database for later datamining.  This can be useful for troubleshooting common failures.
  • Protect Sensitive Equipment – Sometimes testing requires using large powersupplies or other energy sources.  There is usually a series of steps that must be performed correclty by the operator in order to prevent damage.  By automating those steps, the potential for human error can be eliminated.
  • Traceability – An automated test solution can automatically record instrument serial numbers and calibration dates.  It can also log UUT and operator information.

These are only a few of the benefits of automating your testing process.  Set up a FREE consultation to discuss your particular needs and see how we can help you.