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eCLA Summit 2018 Quick Highlights

European CLA Summit in Madrid I had the pleasure of being able to attend the European CLA Summit last week in Madrid. It was my first time at the European Summit. Just like the Americas summit, it was kind of

2018 European CLA Summit in 2 weeks

The European CLA summit will be taking place in 2 weeks in Madrid.  I was luckily enough to be selected to be a speaker.  Here is a brief teaser of what I am going to talk about.

The software engineering book I should have read 10 years ago

I recently just finished reading "A Software Engineering Approach to LabVIEW" by Jon Conway and Steve Watts.  The whole time I was reading it, I couldn't help but thinking: "I wish I would have read this 10 years ago.  It

NI Classes on Object Oriented Programming and Actor Framework

For those of you who want to take your programming to the next level, there are 2 classes coming ot Denver (actually the NI training facility in Louisville.)    One is an introduction to LVOOP – LabVIEW Object Oriented Programming. It

National Instruments is coming to Denver.

National Instruments is coming to Denver next week.  They are hositng 2 events at the Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel in BroomField CO.  On Tuesday October 31st they are hosting the Denver CLD Summit and on Wednesday November 1st they are hosting

Introducing Automatic Version Manager (AVM) for LabVIEW

Automatic Version Manager (AVM) for LabVIEW This video is a  demo of some software I wrote called Automatic Version Manager for LabVIEW.  AVM is a solution for dealing with multiple versions of LabVIEW installed on the same computer.  If you have ever

Graphics Design for LabVIEW: Tips and Tricks

Graphic design should be important to anyone who designs and sells software.  The look and appearance of your final product makes an impact on what your users think of your software.  You want it to look professional.  Unfortunately, especially if you

Creating CHM Help Files

Help Files If you are not creating help files for your applications, you should seriously consider it.  How many times have you written an application and then one of the users comes to ask you how to do perform some task

Alternative to LabVIEW’s Installer Builder

Most people who develop software in LabVIEW are familiar with the installer build process from within LabVIEW.  If you haven't built an installer from within LabVIEW, it is similar to building an executable.  The first step is to build your executable. 

Denver CLD Summit

CLD Summit 2016 I recently had the privilege of presenting at the Denver Certified LabVIEW Developer Summit or CLD Summit for short.  It's sort of a "meeting of the minds" of some of the highly skilled LabVIEW developers in Denver.  It